Stewart Rhodes | Oath Keepers Leader, Sentenced to 18 Years for Capitol Riot

Stewart Rhodes


Stewart Rhodes | the manager of the far-right citizen soldiers Oath Guardians, has existed incarcerated to 18 age in prison for welcome duty in the US Center riot. This milestone decision marks the lengthiest sentence passed along to a Statehouse rebel so far and bears important suggestions for future cases. Allow's investigate the key points encircling the opinion and jailing of Stewart Rhodes.Belief on 

Seditious Scheme Charges:

Stewart Rhodes was sentenced on charges of rebellious sedition and other cases had connection with the US Statehouse riot. Prosecutors had originally requested a 25-period sentence for Rhodes, emphasize the asperity of the charges.

Coordinated Involvement with Kelly Meggs and Oath Keepers:

Rhodes coordinated with Kelly Meggs, the leader of the Oath Keepers' Florida chapter, and other members who stormed the Capitol. Despite remaining outside the building, Rhodes played a significant role in planning and orchestrating the attack.

Additional Convictions:

In addition to seditious conspiracy, Rhodes and Meggs were also convicted of obstruction of an official proceeding and tampering with documents or proceedings. These convictions underscore the seriousness of their actions during the Capitol riot.

Lack of Remorse and Claims of Political Imprisonment:

During the hearing, Rhodes showed little remorse and proclaimed himself a "political prisoner." However, Judge Amit Mehta rejected Rhodes' claims and expressed concerns about his violent rhetoric, including a threat against Nancy Pelosi.

Ongoing Threat to Democracy:

Judge Mehta emphasized that Rhodes posed an ongoing threat to the country, the republic, and the fabric of democracy. This assessment highlights the significance of Rhodes' role in the Capitol riot and the potential for future acts of political violence.

Implications for the Oath Keepers and Far-Right Extremism:

Founded by Rhodes in 2009, the Oath Keepers became fervent supporters of Donald Trump and participated in the Capitol riot. The conviction and sentencing of Rhodes have broader implications for other far-right extremists involved in seditious conspiracy.

Application of Terrorism Enhancement:

The judge agreed with the Justice Department's argument that Rhodes' actions should be considered "terrorism." This decision could pave the way for lengthier sentences for other extremists, such as former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio.

Significance of the Sentence:

Rhodes' 18-year sentence is the longest handed down to a Capitol rioter so far. This stern punishment reflects the gravity of his actions and serves as a deterrent against future acts of political violence.


The sentencing of Stewart Rhodes to 18 years in prison for his role in the US Capitol riot marks a significant milestone in the ongoing investigation. Rhodes' conviction on charges of seditious conspiracy, coupled with the application of the "terrorism enhancement," underscores the severity of his actions and highlights the ongoing threat posed by extremist groups. The case sets a precedent for the punishment sought for other leaders involved in seditious conspiracy and reaffirms the commitment of the Justice Department to hold those responsible for the attack on democracy accountable.

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