Danny Masterson | Found Guilty of Rape: Key Points from the Trial


Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson | Actor Danny Masterson, popular for welcome part in the popular funny entertainment "That '70s Show," has happened erect blameworthy on two counts of rape. The well publicized trial decided accompanying a board discussion of seven days over two weeks, happening in a verdict that manage bring about a lockup sentence of 30 age to history for Masterson. The trial, which complicated pleas traversing from 2001 to 2003, made clear the important duty of the Church of Scientology, of that Masterson and the martyrs were appendages event.

Here are the key points from the trial:

1. Guilty Verdict and Potential Sentence:
Danny Masterson has happened establish guilty on two counts of rape, that commit influence a prison sentence of 30 age to existence. The board, consisting of seven wives and five brothers, discussed for an extended ending before arriving their resolution.

2. Jury Deadlocked on Third Count:
While Masterson was sentenced on two counts, the board was weak to reach a opinion on the after second count of rape. The vote was 8-4 friendly belief, but harmony take care of not be worked out.

3. Emotional Reactions:
Masterson's wife, Bijou Phillips, reacted with shock and wept as he was taken into custody following the verdict. Family and friends who had supported Masterson throughout the trials remained stoic during the proceedings.

4. Planned Appeal:
Masterson's defense team has indicated their intention to appeal the verdict. They are expected to challenge the findings of the trial and seek a reversal of the conviction.

5. Allegations and Church of Scientology:
The allegations against Masterson involved incidents that occurred between 2001 and 2003 in his Hollywood Hills home. Notably, the Church of Scientology, to which both Masterson and the victims belonged at the time, played a significant role in the trials.

6. Masterson's Defense and Consensual Argument:
Masterson did not testify during the trial, and his defense argued that the acts were consensual. They attempted to discredit the women's testimonies by pointing out changes and inconsistencies over time.

7. Church of Scientology's First Amendment Claim:
The Church of Scientology issued a statement asserting that the introduction of religion into the trial violated the First Amendment. They argued that the church's involvement was an unprecedented violation and infringed upon due process rights.

8. Tensions and Support in the Courtroom:
The presence of former and current Scientologists in the courtroom heightened tensions during the trial. Actress Leah Remini, a prominent critic of the Church of Scientology, showed support for the victims, offering comfort to one of them during closing arguments.

9. Drugging Allegations and Lack of Charges:
The two women whose testimony led to Masterson's conviction claimed that he drugged them before the rapes. However, Masterson was not charged with drugging offenses, and no toxicology evidence was presented during the trial.

10. Masterson's Acting Career and "The Ranch":
Danny Masterson red-pink to celebrity through welcome act as Steven Hyde on the standard comedy about everyday situations "That '70s Show." He later came on the Netflix order "The Ranch" but was composed off the show following the LAPD inquiry in 2017.

The opinion of Danny Masterson on two counts of rape marks a meaningful incident in this place important case. The trial clear up the asserted violations that accepted place before and the difficulty of pope's jurisdiction of Scientology. As Masterson's permissible crew prepares for an appeal, the occurrence of the trial will touch be approximately listened apiece public and the the entertainment industry.

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